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touch of painted curls
6th-Aug-2003 12:35 pm
Another old favorite. :)

I could go crazy on a night like tonight
The summer's beginning to give up her fight
And every thought's a possibility
And voices are heard but nothing is seen
Why do you spend this time with me
Maybe an equal mystery

Oh, but you like the taste of danger...
It shines like sugar on your lips
And you like to stand in the line of fire
Just to show you can shoot straight from your hip

There must be a thousand things you would die for
I can hardly think of two
But not everything is better spoken aloud
Not when I'm talking to you

Oh, the pirate gets the ship and the girl tonight
Breaks a bottle to christen her
Basking in the exploits of her thief
She's a very good listener

And maybe that's all that we need
Is to meet in the middle of impossibility
Standing at opposite poles, equal partners in a mystery

~Mystery, the Indigo Girls
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