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touch of painted curls
I didn't get enough sleep. Dragged myself out of bed. At work I'm… 
18th-Mar-2004 02:08 am

I didn't get enough sleep. Dragged myself out of bed.
At work I'm starting a new project. This makes life a bit less stressful for now. Prototype is next week's Friday. I still have some tasks looming, however, which adds unnecessary stress. Not simple. I'm not terribly excited about my new project, either.

I met with my advisor and rearranged my 401k today, mostly shifting assets into more aggressive funds. I'm young, I can't touch that money for 35 years, and I expect the market to do well for a little while. I'm thinking about moving out of the international fund for now, too, since I expect the dollar to recover, short term. My advisor was dumping on it a bit, then noticed it's up 43%. ;)

I left work at a somewhat reasonable hour (that meant 7pm), came home, and immediately left to pick up stuff from storage before exercise. My car needs a new windshield wiper, which is frustrating. In a way, it's good that it really broke, 'cos I've been meaning to replace it for awhile. I got a box of papers, looking for ashliana's car docs, and the rest of my stereo. I found some of them. Thanks to [Unknown LJ tag] for organizing said papers into said box. :) Tien and I played about 20 games of DDR, then went to the gym until they closed. DDR is fun, but the gym is better exercise. I've gotten so weak. The exercise felt really good. Planning to do more of that.

Came home and unloaded stuff. Thinking about a shower. Brain wants to stay up and write. Brain has poor impulse control. ;)

Thank you to everyone who answered my poll! I love getting results. It's exciting. :)

There was an overwhelming lack of interest in filters. Pretty much everyone wants to be on them, if they exist. That mostly just pleases me, because I didn't really want to make more.

A couple people requested more cut tags, which I'll probably accomodate, as my posts are getting longer. However: I have a love/hate relationship with cut tags, especially until I can choose to expand all cut tags when reading. Hoping LJ or a reader client will fix this, eventually.

The subject results are useful, too. I'm pretty much going to post whatever I'm thinking about, but it helps a lot like to know what people like. :) The highest results are the most personal items, which are the things I like reading and writing about most.

I like this. "Letting fear control you is dumb. Embrace it, instead. Life's a whole lot more fun that way." ~ladytabitha

I'm covered with dried sweat and can feel the salt. I like sweaty cuddling. It usually doesn't smell particularly bad to me. I like the feel of wet or damp skin, the body heat, and the taste. I like the way clothes melt and cling to their wearers. I like the fluidity of motion, the breathing, the relaxed and energetic state. It sounds sexual, (and I'd happily go there, too), but I'm thinking of times where the exercise was a focus.

On a related topic, the smell of skin or saliva turns me on. :) I've had plenty of opportunities to observe this, and it's very consistent. I bathe a lot, but even clean skin has a smell, a taste, and I love it. It's very distinctive, too. I remember some from many years ago. One might think I'm sensitive to smell, but I'm not, really. It's one of my weaker senses. But everyone knows I love closeness, touch, cuddling.

I'm a puddle of tired muscles, so I'm going to finish this up. Good night! :)
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