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touch of painted curls
ambiguity in set notation 
19th-Mar-2004 09:23 pm
*grins* I love ambiguity. How else can you say one thing and mean four and none? ;) Hmm.. three and none or four and none? Ambiguous AB = { A, B, AB, {} }. (Statement AB, which could mean A or B, effectively means A, B, A and B, and none of them exactly.) The three vs. four dilemma comes in when you question whether none (and all) of them is a thing itself, or not, or both.

sutelae: "ooooh... i like that... it's elegant and sarcastic"
me: Oh.. it's wonderful. :) This is so going in my journal. :)
sutelae: a loop??
me: And yes, it's a recursive loop.

The recursion actually invalidates any count, since the set of meanings becomes infinite. I think it should be obvious that I'm aware of the drawbacks to using ambiguity as part of a reliable communication protocol (expecially [sic] without a properly formatted <dork> header), but it is now both stated and implied.
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