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touch of painted curls
time management and whatnot 
20th-Mar-2004 04:17 am
endless todo lists and people time
I like to help with things. I learn a lot by doing it. I want to live like the locals do. I like doing things that people will enjoy/appreciate, of course. I also realize additional interaction, especially being a host, takes time. I've felt what a blessing it can be to break the routine of individual responsibility with sharing.

There's an interesting balance of getting stuff done so you can spend more time together, and just spending time together not worrying about the stuff that's not done. In my experience, it's a natural and healthy state to have a lot of stuff to do. (Hehe. That's not rationalization, dammit. :) Any person sufficiently interested in life has an endless supply of desired activities. If we stop and think about how important quality time is, it's obvious that it ranks highly among them. But the same focus that helps a task done makes it easy to forget the larger picture. Focus on one task makes it harder to enjoy other things.

I think it helps to remember that the tasks will never all get done. One of the hardest things for programmers to accept is that if the schedule slips, it will probably slip more, and sometimes nothing you do (working more, working faster, adding more people) will help "catch up". The solution is to cut stuff from the list or accept that the project will be late. Those are the choices. Good planning prioritizes such that anything not done by the deadline can be and is by definition cut.

Amusing extension: An infinitely big list is still infinitely big if you add more stuff to it. :) In fact, with a brain (or other neural net), more data actually makes decisions easier, effectively making a larger list more manageable (with some assumptions :).

Spending time with someone is exceptional in that it can be an activity in itself, but doesn't have to be. You can spend quality time with someone, sometimes have a good conversation while doing something else, but it's not automatic. I think of it as being mindful of the relationship, directing some focus away from the task and to the people.

bad explanation... of bad explanation
Sometimes I get nervous when speaking/explaining 'cos I often don't take advice/teaching well... I feel like people explain things too slowly and explain things I already know. But I appreciate the effort anyway, for anyone trying to help me. It's a little sadistic, I guess. ;) But I seem to confuse sometimes, so maybe I should go into more detail. ;) Anyway, I rely on y'all's patience and understanding, which is a flattering way of saying I don't have a clue. ;)

And I suspect I overexplain, too, when I'm writing coherently. (When I'm writing stream of consciousness style, there's a lot of subtlety, inferences, assumed knowledge... much more interactive... I like to think it's not that hard to decipher, but I don't really know.)

and in summary... (not a summary)

It helps me to write, and to have someone to write to.

I tend to be impatient mostly with myself... and just persistent with everyone else. ;)

I feel great. A little high, naturally. My cold going away plus good exercise... well... my body feels really good. It's nice. :)

Often boxed for being forward and using too many smilies. I touch, and *pose* all the time.
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