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touch of painted curls

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27 June
Hi! I'm very friendly. :) I love meeting people, getting comments, etc.

This is mostly a photo journal these days.

Background concentrate:

Studied arts, programming, and japanese in college. Tall, slender, very curly hair. Fan of food. Professional video game developer, mostly programming. Intense, colorful. Jewish by heritage, atheist/other by belief. Unconventional.

Obsession history: programming, painting, ceramics, chess, M:tG, wood, lesmis, s&g, pop music, cuddling, sex, mushing, education, neon genesis evangelion, japanese, investing, video, photography, animation, mandarin/taiwanese, food, california, sushi, chemicals, travel, c++, gardening, polyamory, motorcycles, houses, the game of go, and most everyone I've known. :)

Place history: Thunder Bay (Canada), Hawaii, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, California, Puerto Rico, (and visits to Seattle, Vancouver Island, Baltimore, Rhode Island, Ohio, Montreal, London, Guernsey).

regyt says:
"He looks like a Roman statue. Very strange musculature in some ways, and a brow that floats right in that line that Picasso wrote of when he said: "The mark of a truly beautiful woman is that from one angle she looks so stunningly lovely you feel you will die if you cannot have her; yet, from another, she is ugly, repulsive, you are afraid of her." (This is perhaps meant as more complimentary than it may seem. But he can probably tell that, at least.)

He can banter in onstreaming poetry for hours, once he gets started and is kicked out of just emoting hugs at you. His words taste good.

He is cream and weasels and fidget and the way my former pet rat would cling/climb up my arm to hide at the back of my neck right after I'd bathe her."

sunyata__ says:
"I don't remember how I found his journal, but I was a little reluctant to add him back for awhile because his writings seemed...impenetrable, yet intensely intimate with his mind. It's really hard to explain.

Then I met him and found him really intense in person, even though he was quiet. He has this... presence.

He once left me a voicemail in which he giggled throughout. :) He has posted tasteful nude photos in his journal. He's mysterious yet open. I think he has a brain worth exploring. He's tall, beanpolish but very toned, with a nest of streaked brown hair and artful features. He looks like a sculpture in motion, but careful motion. He's a listener.

He's a tough one to explain, that Jesse..."
absinthe, abstraction, affection, albany, all night conversations, art, artful nudity, asking questions, autumn, barefeet, baths, beauty, bisexuality, bodies, books, bouncing, building, cafes, candles, challenges, coding, coffee, communication, conversation, cooking, creativity, cuddling, design, desire, deviance, dictionaries, dissassociation, dragons, drawing, dreaming, emotions, erotica, escher, ethics, exercise, exhibitionism, exploring, family, fantasy, fire, flirting, flying, food, freedom, friends, graceful motion, grammar, hair, hands, hot tubs, houses, hugs, humans, imagination, independence, individual rights, ink, interest, japanese, journals, language, laughter, learning, libraries, logic, love, massage, massages, morality, motorcycles, movies, museums, music, nakedness, napping, nature, new york, night, nudity, orange, painting, passion, people, peoplewatching, personal choice, philosophy, photography, plants, poetry, polyamory, pretty stuff, problem-solving, purple, rain, randomness, raspberries, reading, rensselaer polytechnic institute, roadtrips, rosefox, sapiosexuality, science, seafood, simplicity, singing, sketching, skinny dipping, smoothies, springtime, stars, sunrises, sunset, sunsets, surrealism, sushi, tattoos, tea, tears, thai food, the endless, the moon, the ocean, the sky, the south, thoughts, thunderstorms, touch, travel, trees, truth, understanding, unique lifestyles, water, waterfalls, weather, wildlife, wind, wisdom, wordplay, words, writing, you

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